Dutch Safety Board | Investigation crash MH17, 17 July 2014

Final Report – 13th October 2015

Press release – MH17

Report MH17 Crash (30 MB)
Appendices A – U (13 MB)
Appendix X – NLR Report (9 MB)
Appendix V – Consultation Part A
Appendix Y – TNO Report (15 MB)
Appendix W – Consultation Part B
Appendix Z – TNO Report (5MB)

Brochure report MH17 Crash (6 MB)
Brochure report MH17 Crash – Russian version (6 MB)
Brochure report MH17 Crash – Ukrainian version (6 MB)

Report MH17 Passenger information (6 MB)
Report MH17 Passenger information – Appendix B

Brochure report MH17 Passenger information (1 MB)

MH17 About the investigation (8 MB)

Preliminary report – 9th September 2014
The information below is also posted on http://www.onderzoeksraad.nl/
Data that you will find in these reports:

  • FDR recordings.
  • CVR transcripts from MH17 crew.
  • Transcript of communication between Ukrainian (Dnipro) and Russian (Rostov) control.
  • Radar image from flight information region (FIR) Dnjepropetrovsk (Ukraine).

Preliminary report – MH17 (EN)

Rapport van eerste bevindingen – MH17 (NL)

10 sep. 2014 Erratum rapport van eerste bevindingen – MH17 (NL)